Dream Manager Program

“The temptation is to convince yourself that your employees’ dreams are not relevant to your business. That is only true if your employees are not relevant to your business—and if that were true, why would you employ them?”  – Matthew Kelly, author of The Dream Manager

“Chasing Your Dreams” is more than just a catchphrase at Pennington–it’s part of our culture, who we are as individuals, and why we exist as a company. We have a part-time Dream Manager on staff who helps employees identify what their dreams are and how to pursue them, a dream team to help facilitate ambitious dreams, and dream grants are awarded to employees throughout the year to financially assist them with achieving their personal goals. The drivers and goals of this program are:

  1. We are in a people-driven business. The Dream Manager program specifically helps us attract and retain the most talented people.
  2. Our people are our competitive advantage. The Dream Manager creates an environment where people pursue their dreams, and people who are pursuing their dreams are passionate, energetic, and engaged in their work.
  3. We believe the Dream Manager is a modern-day application of a common, fundamental value of Greek letter organizations. This is one important way Pennington’s mission is aligned with the mission of our clients.

Check out our dreamers…

Tony Quandt

Dream was to get an MBA.


Amber Luse

Dream was to take
a family trip.


Samira Dunn

Dream was to visit Redwood Forrest
and take her first flight.


Megan Meyers

Dream was to take a mission trip.


Jesua Rodriguez

Dream was to compete in
a power lifting event.


Karen Couch

Dream was to be a Zumba instructor.


Katie Underdown

Dream was to visit Stars Hollow the fictional town in Gilmore Girls.

Heather Torke

Dream was to own a convertible.


Michelle Richeson

Dream was to take her husband on his first trip to the ocean.


Stacey Wycoff

Dream was to learn
how to paddleboard.


Susie Harwood

Dream was to take a trip to Italy.


Aileen Berquist

Dream was to go to grad school.


Matt Munoz

Dream was to be debt free.

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