Helping You Inspire Your Members, Alumni, and Donors

At Pennington & Company, we believe that the inspiration to give develops from both dreams and pragmatism, from vision and wisdom, and from a clear sense of the past and the future. We help you balance your ambition with the realities of your membership, alumni base and economic environment to create the inspiration that brings your aspirations to fruition.

We recognize that the highest calling of your student members is their academic and campus life, and that your alumni members and volunteers have professional, personal, and family responsibilities that must come first. So our experienced professional staff listens to your desires and absorbs your unique knowledge about the chapter’s needs and hopes.

From that, we design and recommend the comprehensive, integrated services that will help you raise your expectations and exceed your goals. The services we provide will help take your campaign from dream to grand opening and beyond.

Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study

A campaign undertaken without a clear assessment of the need, ability, and willingness is a campaign in jeopardy. Our professional feasibility study lays the groundwork to ensure the greatest possibility of success.

Capital Campaign Development

A capital campaign is a major undertaking, requiring meticulous planning and an immense commitment of time and effort. A partnership with Pennington & Company can substantially impact your success.

Alumni Relations and Annual Campaigns

A successful chapter depends upon a strong and engaged alumni organization. Professionally designed and produced communication materials are a major component of your comprehensive alumni relations program. Our award-winning program comprises key elements necessary to develop and sustain that organization.

Gift Management

Pledges to your campaign are typically stretched over a three- to five-year period, requiring careful monitoring of ongoing contributions, acknowledgement of donations, painstaking recordkeeping, payment reminders, past due notices, and campaign audits to track pledge payments. Pennington & Company is equipped to handle all of those responsibilities for you.

Strategic Assessments

Pennington & Company’s proprietary strategic assessment product evaluates local housing corporations and their operations to prioritize risks, needs, and opportunities, and deliver a blueprint for overall organizational success.

Our assessment focuses on practical and creative solutions, rather than theoretical concepts. We provide you with fresh perspectives and objective viewpoints to help you develop a tailored action plan for a more successful chapter that can easily identify, prioritize, and communicate its opportunities and objectives.

Web Development and Maintenance

Communication today depends upon delivering information multiple times in many different ways to reach the maximum number of people in your organization and optimize your message. Our proprietary platform is designed to meet your electronic communication needs through updated articles featuring alumni and chapter successes, an ongoing event calendar, a searchable alumni directory, and e-mail blasts.