Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign is a major undertaking, requiring meticulous planning and an immense commitment of time and effort.

A partnership with Pennington & Company can substantially impact your success through our:

  • Expertise developed through more than 100 capital campaigns for Greek-letter organizations, resulting in proven processes and methodologies;
  • Role in holding all parties in the campaign accountable for completing projects on time and with incomparable quality;
  • On-the-ground effort that supplements the limited time of volunteers to maximize your efforts.
  • Focus on campaign goals and strategies to ensure your fundraising needs are met; and
  • Wealth of experience that is a welcome asset as challenges arise, keeping the campaign consistently positioned for success.

As your campaign coordinator, Pennington & Company will:

  • Develop your campaign plan and organizational structure;
  • Design and produce campaign promotional materials;
  • Identify, recruit, and train campaign leadership;
  • Identify top donor prospects;
  • Personally solicit leadership and top donor prospects;
  • Arrange solicitation of mid-level donor prospects; and
  • Organize and implement a direct mail campaign for remaining members.

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