Pennington Culture

Talk to any Pennington employee, and you will often hear them refer to our family atmosphere. We promote a culture of excellence, but make sure we provide ample opportunities for personal growth and plenty of time for fun. We measure fun on a regular basis, making sure the PFI (Pennington Fun Index) is always in the green.

“Through my work at Pennington & Company, I’ve been afforded opportunities not feasible in many senior development roles.  While the job responsibilities are outstanding relative to the profession, the motivating joy in my work comes from the people and atmosphere at P&C.  The passion and drive of the group is only rivaled by their ability to have fun.”Aaron Parker, Capital Department


As a people-driven organization, Pennington & Company believes in investing in our people. We have several employee-focused initiatives aimed at helping our team members grow both personally and professionally. Those include:

  • Dream Manager
    • Based on the best-selling business book The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly, this program helps our employees identify and realize their dreams. Learn more here.
  • Raving Fan Award
    • Pennington strives to create raving fans out of each client we support. We believe every experience a client has with any member of our team is an opportunity to create client advocates. Thus, we reward and recognize a team member who has gone above and beyond each month with the Raving Fan Award.
  • Mentorship Program
    • Pennington team members also have the opportunity to participate in formal professional mentoring relationships. These relationships help improve employee satisfaction, train future company leaders and enhance the overall employee experience.