Raving Fans


Bob Seidell

Campaign Chairman
Sigma Chi at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“Pennington really knows what they are doing when it comes to Greek fundraising! Their methodology is sound and tested. They are professional in every way. The reaction of our alumni base was beyond expectation. The relationship with Pennington and especially our consultant, Tony Quandt, was marvelous. Our success was way beyond our expectations.”


Carol Duncan

Campaign Co-chairman
Delta Gamma at Southern Methodist University

“We are thankful to have worked with Carrie Bien and Pennington. We are so pleased with our success in the campaign, but it is due to Pennington’s help in setting our strategy and process that we achieved our initial goal and the two subsequent goals. I would have never imagined it! I’m not sure we would have achieved the same outcome without Pennington’s guidance and support.”


Chris Gary

Campaign Chairman
Lambda Chi Alpha at University of Illinois

“Pennington in general, and Tony Quandt in particular, did an outstanding job for us. Virtually every financial projection they made came true and there’s no way we could have raised $2.2 million without their guidance.”





Lori Sporer

President of Chapter House Corporation
Pi Beta Phi at Kansas State University

“Cannot say enough about Jill Kassel and Pennington’s professionalism and organization! We had not done a national capital campaign and felt sure about each step we took. Raised over the projected “top” anticipated amount and our project is now completed with our “Angels” living in a beautifully remodeled & expanded chapter home. Many thanks to Pennington & Company.”


Darrell Beavers

House Corporation Treasurer
Delta Upsilon at the University of Oklahoma

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Holly Neth and Bob McKenney and everybody else at Pennington. I had fun and feel like that with your help we accomplished a lot for the chapter. I am leaving with the satisfaction of knowing that the chapter is in far, far better shape than when I started all those years ago. All of you are true professionals and you run what I consider to be the premier company in your field.”


Jamie Fuller

House Corporation President
Chi Omega at the university of Oklahoma

“When you find yourself in need of raising funds, we can highly recommend Pennington and Company. Everyone we worked with at Pennington was professional and helpful, enabling us to raise the funds we needed in a very organized and realistic manner. Our wonderful consultant, Jacquie Kasner, was extremely knowledgeable in proven fundraising methods making our fundraising experience very enjoyable! We are very happy we chose professional guidance from Pennington.”


Todd Whitestone

House Corporation Vice President
Sigma Chi at the University of Rochester

“Our house corporation has really appreciated the efforts that Hannah Holcomb and Kelsey Underwood have made on behalf of Gamma Pi. We just started our contract with Pennington this summer and Hannah and Kelsey have been very responsive to our questions/requests. They have helped us get out our fall newsletter, and it is a big improvement over our previous efforts. They have provided us with excellent service.”


Jay Cook

House Corporation President
Pi Kappa Alpha at Mississippi State University

“We moved forward with direct mail services because our consultants were freaking AWESOME, and we really enjoy working with them. I cannot thank Pennington enough for all they have done for us.”

Pictured left: Reed Nelson, House Corporation Vice President; Turner Wingo, Campaign Co-chairman; Molly Kenney, Pennington & Company Campaign Consultant; Eddie Keith, Campaign Co-chairman; and Jay Cook, House Corporation President